Our creators excel in their challenge, moving from fragrance to flavorings with brio.

Our creators excel in their challenge, moving from fragrance to flavorings with brio. As references are perfume icons renowned across the planet, the scents of dreams, intoxicating compositions that sweep the senses away, to a dreamland, even to fantasy. Those …
Our creators excel in their challenge, moving from fragrance to flavorings with brio. As references are perfume icons renowned across the planet, the scents of dreams, intoxicating compositions that sweep the senses away, to a dreamland, even to fantasy. Those olfactory trademarks followed in a woman's wake.... wafting behind a man who brings a memory to mind, an instant engraved in our mind through the use of noble, rare and luxurious ingredients in those formulas endowed with magical ...
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Patchouli, from birth to maturity

The first of the Réminiscence perfumes, Patchouli recreates with a rare sensuality the woody, earthy and smoky notes of the tropical plant from which it takes its name. Created on a whim forty years ago now, this atypical perfume has known how to evolve to remain the benchmark in its field.
Patchouly leaf
The Seventies had barely begun… London was one of the most fascinating cities in the world at the time. British conservatism was put sorely to the test, shaken up by Mary Quant’s mini-skirts, The Beatles’ White Album and a counterculture from California: the hippy movement. Far removed from the revolutionary dialectic of the May 1968 generation who, on the other side of the Channel, mobilized the youth of France in the class war, Her Majesty’s subjects talked of love, peace and flower ...
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Jasmine, the flower of temptation

Appreciated since Antiquity, jasmine is one of the great classics of modern perfumery. A status that it owes to the people of Grasse, who very quickly learned how to extract the most sensual of perfumes from its particularly delicate flowers.
If the rose is the queen of flowers for perfumers, Jasminum grandiflorum, one of the two hundred species of jasmine counted on the planet, is surely their king. Native to India where, it is said, the famous Kama, the god of love, used to attach the white flowers to the arrows that he shot at his victims, this oleaceae has been appreciated by men for thousands of years. Cleopatra is also said to have had the sails of her galley coated with its essence one day to go to meet the handsome Mark ...
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Once upon a time there was a magical bean

The world is changing. And exchanging. Oil, industrial goods, financial securities, ideas, data. And flavors too! Across the planet, exoticism is the way to go, fusion food and taste revelations.
Chocolate and strawberry, among others, are increasingly popular in the Far East, while the West is discovering the unsuspected culinary treasures of Asia. An open mindset that Robertet has decided to encourage by regularly providing its clients with the opportunity, throughout this year of the Dragon, to better understand these flavors from faraway lands… Such as azuki… The Chinese call it hongdou. For the Koreans, it is pat. "We call it azuki," explains Yae Shukutani, the Head of Flavors ...
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The art of enfleurage by Elisabeth de Feydeau

One of the oldest techniques used in perfumery, enfleurage consists in naturally extracting the perfume from flowers by means of absorption carried out by fatty substances, also known as leaf fat. Over the centuries, ben oil from an East Indian tree, olive and sweet almond oils and above all purified animal fat have been used. Today, technical progress permits the use of materials such as Vaseline.
We differentiate between hot and cold enfleurage depending on the plant’s resistance to heat. The Grasse region is the historic center of French enfleurage, a unique skill that is disappearing. Hot enfleurage (also known as maceration): It is undoubtedly one of the most primitive techniques used for the least fragile flowers. Noting fragrant substances’ affinity with fat, relatively early on it was decided to macerate flowers in fat ...
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Taste of summer

Robertet perfumers had already created a perfume evoking a day at the seaside. Their flavorist colleagues are now imitating them and innovating with an ice cream that tastes of… the beach!
Le goût de la plage
It is the timeless scent of summer, a real delight that promises us a great wave of leisure. Simply smelling it takes us back to our most beautiful vacations, postcard-perfect scenes that tell us of exotic paradises, the blue roofs of the Cyclades, the extravagance of Saint Tropez, the coves of Provence where the cicadas sing. It is 100% natural, born of waves and sun, the sensual aroma of tanned skin and fragrances blended with sun cream. It doesn’t have a name, just a smell that everyone ...
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The figure of the month

700,000 … This is the impressive number of pipettes consumed in a year by the twelve perfumer’s assistants at Robertet Grasse.
Each of them uses 3,000 of these little plastic tubes every day to prepare with uncanny precision the compositions imagined by their assigned “nose”. “The assistant and the perfumer form a real duo, united by reciprocal trust and respect,” states Christine Amadei, the doyenne of Grasse assistants with 30 years’ professional experience. “For example, I have been working alongside Jacques Flori for 25 years now. Every day, I give shape to a dozen of his formulas. I sometimes suggest to him a ...
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ASEAN: flavors finding favor

Whenever the discussion turns to Southeast Asia’s economic potential, China is always the first name on peoples’ lips. Home to over one billion people, the sheer number of Chinese is itself enough to whet many companies’ appetite. Yet it would be wrong to overlook the commercial opportunities offered by its neighboring countries. This is very much Robertet’s experience, and the company is delighted to see its presence in the ASEAN* countries growing stronger every day. The market is ...
In 2011, the flavorings business grew by 6% to 430 million dollars in the region. Although they still have a long way to go to catch up with their Western counterparts, a significant portion of the Grasse-based company’s annual sales are generated by manufacturers from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. There is nothing new about the French company’s success in this part of the world. Robertet has a number of products that have long been regional bestsellers: its ...
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Robert Sinigaglia, the living memory of Robertet

He finds the debate in France over the retirement age mildly amusing! And rightly so! At age 73, Robert Sinigaglia, the head of development of natural raw materials, goes to his office at Robertet every morning, as he has done for the past 53 years. There is no way he will give up his job and the great passion of his life: natural raw materials. This warm and alert grandfather figure has the drive of a young man when it comes to his work. We met with him…
Robert S1
While you could have been enjoying some well-deserved rest for several years now, what has motivated you to come to work every morning? "The same thing since 1 September 1959, when I entered the gate of the Robertet plant for the first time: I want to! I want to know, understand, discover. That's the magic of my work: it is in perpetual movement. Nature, that infinite source of resources, amazes you every day. Look there, all around me, in the hundreds of phials that you ...
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